Ewart Agri Services Ltd - Company Charter:

EWART AGRI SERVICES Ltd is proud to operate a high quality management system. based on continuous improvement of production and supply - allied to the avoidance of problems arising as opposed to problem detection.

  1. To provide outstanding quality and service.
  2. To provide products manufactured to the highest standard of consistency.
  3. To provide products that will perform successfully in a specified environment.
  4. To provide products which are cost effective and competitive in worldwide markets they serve.
  5. To be open to new ideas and adaptive to change to suit customer needs in a demanding market.
  6. To continually improve our management system.
  7. To continue with our ‘Team’ approach within Ewart Agri Services Ltd.

We have been making chain for 134 years - Rest assured “We know how to make the best chain in the world”

Statement from the Chairman:

I am extremely proud to be the Chairman of Ewart Agri Services Ltd or just Ewart - particularly as it is steeped in my family’s history of ownership.

Ewart has been making chain since 1880 in Derby England, making us one of the oldest chain manufacturers in the world.

We at Ewart are proud of our high quality product and the service levels we provide to our clients in over 100 counties worldwide from our UK headquarters.

Making chain since 1880 has allowed us to gain and retain unsurpassed manufacturing knowledge and techniques.

We believe our commercial success is based on our policy of staff training and importantly employee retention.

We have had staff in both production and office management that has retired as lifelong Ewart employees and current staff that will retire as lifelong employees of Ewart, one Employer in their total working career.

Our continuing success is helped by this employee retention policy, as this allows one generation of staff to pass lifelong gained product information, product quality and service levels to the new generations of staff.

Their hard work and commitment is a key factor in the success of our business.

From a personal perspective I continually strive to ensure our high standards in both product and customer service are continued on a ‘Day to day’ basis and I continually look to implement anything that will allow us to improve in any way we can, as natural progression requires.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website, Ewart hope to supply you with any chain requirements you may have.

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