Ewart Agri Services Ltd - Company History:

We are extremely proud to be one of the world’s oldest chain manufacturing companies resulting in us being a globally known brand.

We have been manufacturing chain since 1880 in Derby, England; manufacturing for 134 years is a feat very few companies in the world have ever achieved.

The original Ewart detachable chains were first designed for agricultural machinery use in the USA.

The 1930’s saw combination chains combining steel and malleable components first being produced, these chains gave greater strength, flexibility of use and offered much greater increased market opportunities.

The engineering class steel chains were the next development in our product range. In the past 30 years we have also manufactured plastic conveyor chains making EWART unique in the world for still currently being able to supply all of these products manufactured in our UK facility.

Our name EWART is synonymous with chain products worldwide.

EWART’ is to chain’ what ‘HOOVER’ is to vacuum cleaners - A Brand name GLOBALLY synonymous with the product.

People wanting quality chain simply ask for ‘EWART chain’ - as people do when they simply want a vacuum cleaner but ask for a ‘HOOVER’

Enquiries continue to be received on a regular basis Worldwide - from the UK, EU, USA, Caribbean, Central and South America, South Africa, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania from people wanting high quality chain - they simply ask for ‘EWART chain’

They are driven and motivated to purchase ‘EWART CHAIN’ - as a result of us manufacturing HIGH QUALITY chain for 134 YEARS.

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